Tourism and Eco-tourism Opportunities

Already and important tourism destination with 850,000 visitors per annum, evidence from other Biospheres, such as Entlebuch (, suggests that these numbers are likely to rise in Galloway and Southern Ayrshire, as a result of this prestigious international designation. Furthermore there are likely to be significant opportunities for those visitor attractions, restaurants and accommodation providers which decide to focus on sustainable tourism initiatives, utilising local organic produce, low carbon transport and accommodation, and concentrating on outdoor recreation, nature, culture and heritage.

Case Studies

A portfolio of case studies featuring companies, large and small, who have benefited from the implementation of resource efficiency and other sustainable measures into to their daily activities have been produced. If your company is active in environmental and/or community activities and would like to be considered for inclusion as an example of good practice please get in touch with Nick Ward: or 0755 7259681.