“Sustainable Communities and Social Enterprise in the Biosphere”

Towards the end of March we will be helping to host visiting delegates from other International Biospheres along with the charity Assist Social Capital. This organisation has worked with Biospheres internationally to develop social-enterprise networks. Meeting together gives us a rare opportunity to learn from their experiences and to showcase our own unique Biosphere Reserve. The delegates are especially interested in learning about social-enterprise and sustainable development in the Galloway & Southern Ayrshire Biosphere, therefore we are planning an open meeting and community networking event on Tuesday 26th March at the Lochside Hotel, New Cumnock. All are welcome especially those involved or interested in developing sustainable communities or those involved in running social-enterprise groups or who may be thinking of doing so. We plan to bring together groups to share their knowledge and experiences of setting up and running their projects and to invite organisations who give advice and support in the many areas related to developing sustainable communities and social-enterprise.